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Four Post Lifts S-T5050

Four Post Lifts technical data lifting capacity : 4200kg lifting height :1500mm/1800mm jacking height : 350mm total length : 4380mm
TAG:tire changer
Four Post Lifts S-T5050
Detailed introduction :

Four Post Lifts S-T5050

1.body with safety design, which is surrounded by metal from upside, middle, lower part

2.with a alone power switch to control  and increase the safety

3.The chain by using a 10 pcs reinforced chain, much stronger than 7 pcs chain

4. Lifting arms all are fixed by steel strand or Channel. The machine is more stable


Product Features

Can install an adjustable front wheel  and rear-wheel slide plate ,used for all vehicle 

with different tyre distance.

Four Post Lifts S-T5050