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Commonly used car accessories guide

Originally, the car affiliate products is numberless as the sand, the truth also is all dispensable, but fall can also points a is practical, and method of use or some place to pay attention. TAG:square adjustment gaskets ReZuo pieces wheel washers

  Originally, the car affiliate products is numberless as the sand, the truth also is all dispensable, but fall can also points a is practical, and method of use or some should pay attention to the place, here is simply introduce the:
  1. A fire extinguisher, so the car is not equipped with objects, but check the car is necessary, so many people check by a car with, then didn't, but this thing, it is very necessary to match a, is also related rules and regulations. Originally options no necessary said, but the thing is rather special, say to use is very special, otherwise is on expired, otherwise is a tube use, so the red POTS, or say a word about it. Less than 100 dollars for one to replace the insurance, don't buy
  2. The flashlight: best is smaller and high brightness, such as some leds on the market is pretty good. This thing with the figure I not much said, the car has a word is very convenient, check something is also very practical. Remind a, long time need not take out the best words battery, and flashlight together, when using, loaded on good, otherwise self-discharge too fast.
  3. Medicine box: put some emergency kind of drugs and devices, such as gauze, tape, yunnan baiyao (yunnan baiyao attention is best to have "insurance son" of that kind of), etc. In addition, some QingLiangYou for such things, practical and considerate, though not necessary, but there are words will be very comfortable, especially the summer. Anyway, didn't also increase how much weight, is it-again, if somebody often sitting in your car (such as parents, wife of such an important character), and may, according to their situation for some commonly used or emergency medicine, such as ChengYunNing, again such as quick JiuXinWan and so on. Note that some drugs is not suitable for storage on the car, such as nitroglycerin.
  4. Toolbox: all kinds of DIY necessary box, not much to explain. Sometimes, a tube a screwdriver can use, and it's a box says of the hands of the guy a thing? Generally a box will 100 dollars, better two or, as long as you take care with the period of infinite long, or it's a good deal.
  5. Wax dusters: clean your car surface floating dust use, general 4 s sent, I think it is very practical. Use of the time want to look, don't let the hard edge wax dusters blew your car paint ~
  6. Live carbon bag: whether new car or used car, put a few in the car, on air quality or have the advantage of, change once a year, not just remove the taste of car interior trim, also can absorb the car after the dust, very healthy. Especially always like smoking in the car guys, priority is this.
  7. The shade: use in the summer, mainly in the embassy in the car keep out front windscreen, the protection work station not by sunshine point-blank long time and temperature was too high. In the scorching sun exposure, under the condition of the surface temperature of the former work station will be high, even if not damage, the long time high temperature will accelerate ageing, with this is much better. Remind a: to reflective side of the only outward have the effect...
  8. Tire pressure plan: have a word is more convenient, can let you understand the condition of the vehicle tyre, is not a thing, or belt. But because the manufacturer's calibration is not always very accurate, so its readings for reference only, if feel the need to air or put gas, or to go to professional place to check.
  9. Pads: spoken parts in an opera is car floor to block the dirty, pads good wash good change, car floor cloth dirty bad cleaning. Mat six months to a year best thoroughly clean once, otherwise easy to accumulate dirt or bacterium. Note driving position PAWS, must not interfere with the gas pedal and brake pedal, especially the brake pedal!
  10. Cushion: people think the main purpose is to increase comfort, make the winter and summer season seat surface temperature of not stimulate PP, but choose to try to close stick seats, not too loose. As for the waist cushion, neck pillow like, totally see oneself need, I think, as long as the seat position adjustment is proper, the two don't need. And one very important: now a lot of mat and with his head back cushion pad is double, must not to put it on the set of the height of the head and down!!!!!!! With his head high, and drivers leveled at least head! It's about safety!
  11. Window paster: can be appropriately reduced the summer sunshine point-blank, to a certain extent, increase comfort, at the same time in the glass of particles have fractured the convergence of the role. The choice of the color of skin is mainly, as for businesses across your isolation ultraviolet ray, don't believe. Common glass is more than 90% off ultraviolet! Stick to the quality of the film and attention if the quality of the work, or easy to window lift operation is poor. Also note that the windshield don't post non-ferrous membrane before, after the film also don't wind color is too deep, or influence in the rearview mirror effect, other position of the membrane of the color depth to must ensure that night also have good vision as the prerequisite.
  12. Plush toys: especially many girls, the car of these things can be open store, if you buy the more high quality, not wool do not come loose flavour, the basic harmless, but be aware that, don't keep out of sight, don't keep out lights. Many owners like the plush toys or hold pillow and objects pieces in car seat headrest after the space, this kind of pieces must not influence in the rearview mirror view and not keep out the built-in horizontal brake light premise, don't cause to the security hidden danger.
  13. Stalls locks, steering wheel lock, alarm system and other: these things in the use of cars and decide whether the environment. When the attention and the original of the vehicle-mounted system matching, don't interference occurs and influence.
  Above is my share with you about car accessories knowledge, we want to have the problems people help, our main production related components, welcome interested parties to choose.