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Saatchi weiye shopping guide (2)

1. Freight inquiry: this site links can be reference of the logistics company charges standard. TAG:car board Double chain oil case wrench auto parts

1. Freight inquiry
  this site links can be reference of the logistics company charges standard.
2. Delivery inquires the
  Payment account within 1 working day after sent out, but through the inquires the number inquires the delivery status. (please reference waybill inquires the)
3. Accessories acceptance
  Take delivery, please the acceptance accessories types, specifications, quantity and packing are intact. If because of the transportation process any damage, loss, please immediately asked transportation company signed, so get the insurance company to compensate for.
4. After service
  The selling of accessories, if wrong or quality problems, are replacement! The selling of open car parts, the use of loading, otherwise baotuibaohuan!
Note: if we reason, within the prescribed time unconditional return! If the customer reason, it is to return within the prescribed time and take into consideration the return formalities charge Fee.
Warm prompt:
  New parts before the installation, should be checked before installation, one thousand not, do not install, enclosed inner packing, had better not open it, fittings to return to the same (with package), we will change for you as soon as possible.
  Open a car after the arrival of the loading and feedback, please, if quality problems, please contact us, sell accessories such as the arrival of the goods within 3 days without any instructions, namely the transaction shall be regarded as without objection.