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The development of the car industry trend

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  Auto parts as the foundation of the auto industry, automobile industry is support the sustainable and healthy development of necessary factors. Especially the current car industry is magnificent and victorious, carrying the independent development and carry out innovation, and more need a powerful components to be a support system. The independent brands and technology innovation need spare parts as the foundation, parts of the independent innovation and the development of the industry for the vehicle to develop a strong driving force, they are interrelated, interaction, and have no vehicle of independent brands, powerful components of the system innovation ability is difficult to burst, no powerful components of the system support, the independent brand of strong to do was unsustainable.
  From 1-October industry operation look, auto parts industry profit total is still growing, but growth is slowing; In both exports and growth, but the import products to the gearbox and engine components etc profits, high added value, high-tech products, export products to tires, electronic instruments, low barriers to entry, profit thin labor-intensive and resource consumption type primarily. The vehicle industry at present downstream excess capacity, although 2010 in various national stimulus policy appeared under abnormal growth, but 2011 years production and sales growth is slowing, excess capacity pressures, influenced by it,Spare parts industry may withstand the big profits in the second half of the pressure. Industry the main problem facing upstream and downstream two head be crowded, industry face a double pressure parts industry is head of the industry by two crowded, lack of upstream and downstream bargaining power. The material is mainly steel, rubber, plastic, fabric, etc, the final price by steel, petroleum, natural rubber and other commodities prices, auto parts enterprise can only through to the commodity price trend judgment at risk. At the same time, and the vehicle manufacturers for large enterprises more groups, in the interests of the manufacturer with parts of the game is in a powerful position, negotiation ability,Can cost pressures on to the auto parts industry, therefore, in fact in two parts by the head of the crowded "sandwich" sandwich status.
  Local parts mainly used for the independent brand cars, the market share of the ministry of commerce of low data show that the foreign control most of the auto parts market share, local parts sales revenue only accounts for 20% of the industry-25%, with foreign capital of the background of the auto parts manufacturers accounted for more than 75% of the industry, in these foreign suppliers, wholly foreign-owned enterprise 55%, sino-foreign joint venture enterprise 45%, local parts mainly used in the independent brand cars, market penetration. In the automobile electronic and engine parts and other high-tech content areas, foreign capital market share as high as 90%, among them, the car efi system, engine management system, ABS and airbags, automatic transmission of parts and components in core production, foreign enterprise percentage is 100%, 100% and 91%, 69%.
  Automobile spare parts manufacturing enterprise from the enterprise and form the specialized parts group, is becoming one kind of globalization trend. The international famous automobile and automobile parts enterprise, almost all in China set up joint ventures or wholly foreign owned enterprise, the introduction of technology joint venture has more than 1000. A group of domestic high scientific and technological content, efficiency good, large automobile and automobile parts enterprises gradually grow up. With the international automobile industry began to implement parts "globalization purchasing" strategy and international multinational auto enterprise implementation of localization strategy, the domestic market will be huge parts accessories gap. By 2010, China auto parts national output will reach 700 billion yuan.
  At present, although the global economy overall downturn, but according to nearly four to five years of actual purchasing practice, the results of the China sourcing is not as a large company that forecasters optimistic, almost more than 80% of the companies did not achieve their quantity and purchasing cost reduction goals. But along with the appreciation of the renminbi and the export tax rebate rate drop, China purchasing face greater pressure, international purchasers have eyes and transferred to Vietnam, India, Thailand, Australia and other countries and regions. From the above it seems China's auto parts industry in the current financial crisis is still under acceleration.