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Teach you install ReZuo pieces

Enters the material tube 1. Use the right into the quality specification for stove installation, remove into 3 stages, with good thing into the material shall not knock cone. 2. Production should be careful lubrication, reduce material tube wear. TAG:Iron paste balance piece (triangle) iron paste balance piece-2.5 gx12

A, goose neck material pot of installation
  1. Clean up mounting surface and company gooseneck inside the tube.
  2. Will gooseneck stand in a material pot arch, back and linking piece out 1 mm direction.
  3. Preloaded gooseneck material pot of surface hollows linking piece.
  4. Lock after only four linking piece bolt (diagonal lock).
  5. Lock gooseneck material pot of surface hollows linking piece
  6. Note: all the linking piece bolt before installation shall screw with teeth in a thin layer of high temperature of oil.
Second, fever bread installation
  1. Cleaning materials pot of gooseneck surface, keep gooseneck clean face without sundry.
  2. The bread into the material will be hot pot goose on the neck, ensure good contact interface.
  3. Lock fever bread fixed screw (screw before the installation of the tooth should be painted with high temperature oil).
  4. On the bread in heat cover cover plate.
Three, fever great installation.
  1. Loosen gooseneck material pot of two side fever simply linking piece.
  2. Will four pillars were through heat preservation heat great asbestos linking piece and heat preservation asbestos, wear it again into the goose neck material pot of hot rod installation holes.
  3. Press the fever bar at the top, that fever great gooseneck material as far as possible into the pot hot rod hole.
  4. Lock gooseneck material pot both sides fever great linking piece, (linking piece screw before the installation of teeth painted with high temperature should be oil).
  5. Pack good fever great shield.
Four, goose neck agent hot needle installation.
  1. Gooseneck hot casing the teeth out painted with high temperature after oil, neck and lock the batter goose.
  2. Put in hot needle and lock out brass nut.
Five, shoot to tip body, heating circle, shoot hot needle tip ground installation.
  1. Keep the punch clear cooling water pipes, check the cooling effect, prevent the hammer handle overheating deformation, punch card to die overheating.
  2. The use of the punch hardness to less than a nitrogen-treated barrel hardness, avoid damage for stove.
  3. The punch using special lubricants or punch lubrication particles lubrication, set the right time interval lubrication and often.
  Above is my share with you about ReZuo a knowledge, we want to have the problems people help, our main production related components, welcome interested parties to choose.