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Ceramic pads guidelines

Brake shoes accessories top product ceramic fiber has the most stable friction coefficient, reduce heat recession, improve product impact strength, super wear-resisting, brake sensitive, do not hurt the duality, the three big characteristics. TAG:buses valve mouth Brake shoes accessories car engine

  Ceramic pads is a kind of brake pads, many consumers at first will be mistaken for made of ceramics, ceramic pads actually from metal ceramic rather than non-metallic ceramic the principle of due to brake pads and high speed, high temperature in the friction surface produce, according to determine, can be up to 800 to 900 degrees, some even higher. In the high temperature, brake will happen on the surface of metal ceramic sintering similar reaction, make pads at this temperature has good stability.
  One of the top attachment pads products with the most stable ceramic fiber friction coefficient, reduce heat recession, improve product impact strength, super wear-resisting, brake sensitive, do not hurt the duality, the three big characteristics. Ceramic formula good overcome, or wear-resisting braking effect is poor, or the brake good but not wear-resisting over-generalization. Ceramic pads features super wear-resistant many brake shoes accessories not wear-resisting, very important one reason is that giving in to high temperature, automobile braking process, the moment the temperature reaches 200-500 degrees, suffered 200-500 degrees after high temperature, brake shoes accessories material will carbide, thermal decomposition, hot recession cause braking effect is reduced, brake piece of burning candle, wear is the usual 3-5 times, seriously affect the service life of the brake.And ceramic fiber ability the high temperature of 800 degrees to up, and effectively suppress the "thermal wear", so super wear-resistant. Braking sensitive ceramic formula pads accessories by ceramic fiber is, do not contain iron packing material, the import resin as adhesive, made from the science.
  Its main advantage is:
  1. Have a stable friction coefficient, friction coefficient is any friction material of the most important performance, the relationship between the stand or fall of brake pads braking ability. In the process of brake due to friction heat generation, working temperature of increased friction material of the general brake by the influence of the temperature of, friction coefficient began to fall. In the practical application in a lower friction, which reduces the braking effect. Ordinary brake friction materials not mature, friction coefficient caused by high during brake control, the direction of burn, scratch the disk safety factor etc. Even if the disk to the high temperature of 650 degrees, ceramic pads of the friction coefficient is still in the 0.45-0.55 or so, can guarantee the vehicle has good braking ability.
  2. Ceramics has good thermal stability and low heat conductivity, good resistance to wear. The long-term use of temperature in 1000 degrees, the characteristics that can be suitable for all kinds of ceramic materials of high performance requirements of high performance braking, can meet the pads, secure, and high high wear resistance and technical requirements.
  3. Have good mechanical strength and physical properties. Able to withstand the big pressure and shear force. Friction materials products in the assembly before use, there is need to drilling, assembling and mechanical processing, to be made pads assembly. So the friction material requirements must have enough mechanical strength, so that the processing or in use process not failure and shatter.
  4. Have very low thermal attenuation sex. No matter, the first generation M09 material ceramic products or the fourth generation TD58 ceramic pads, even if the disk to the high temperature of 650 degrees, ceramic pads of the friction coefficient is still in the 0.45-0.55, still can ensure the good brake performance, in order to ensure safety, brake shoes hot decay of the phenomenon is small.
  5. Improve the performance of the brake. Ceramic materials for the sake of the heat faster, so used to brake manufacturing, it is to be higher than the friction coefficient of friction coefficient metal pads.
At the same time in the brake shoes switch should notice the following matters:
  1.. First to check whether the brake pads for pure accessories (i.e. accessory products), the product packaging reliability, anti-counterfeiting mark and the label of the package and pads the label on is consistent, the product model and whether certificate in content.
  2. In this vehicle will lift before, should first will flourish brake oil coverage of open, tires screw should be diagonal loose. If the use simple jack support, we should take a good jack, and reinforcement of the wheels of brake pads not be changed. Will tire off and, loosen the clamp body tighten bolts, and check the screw, clamp sliding guide bar, remove the sediment and above oil, lubricating oil and maintenance.
  3. The old pads will be removed, check the brake discs wear degree, whether the ditch the bad. Severe wear (unilateral deep 3 mm) should be replaced new brake discs, and its period for 8-120000 kilometers, otherwise, it will speed up the new replacement brake wear and tear, and braking direction jitter, braking force is too small.
  4. Install the new pads should distinguish inside and outside, the brake friction face should be to brake discs, make the blanks with appropriate. Well accessories, tighten clamp body. In fastening clamp before body, the application tools (or special tools) will clamp the plug on a back, so that will clamp installation in position. If need to replace drum brake pads on the suggestion to the professional maintenance ask professional operation, lest appear any mistakes. Install a good brakes should will reset after tires. Install the tyres screws, should diagonal tighten, it helps protect the tyres and brake wheel.
  5. Also check the tread and the edge of the wear is normal or not, the best of the right and left two wheels can change regularly use, so that will help to extend the service life of tires.
  6. Finally, also need to check the brake fluid, brake fluid should change regularly, add, at the same time, should guarantee the brake fluid grades and original brake fluid grades consistent, such will help to remove the dirt sludge brake pipe, brake is more sensitive. If different type of brake fluid mixed use, can produce chemical changes, produce the sludge and inorganic salt deposit on the braking system, product, on fruit, can jam pipeline, cause brake failure, the consequence is unimaginable.
  Above is my share with you about ceramic pads knowledge, we want to have the problems people help, our main production related components, welcome interested parties to choose.