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Automobile engine overheat

Water temperature table pointer has been on a steady rise state, the following phenomena can be considered engine overheating. TAG:auto parts buses valve mouth The car engine

  The engine is also called the engine, is a kind of to tell a form of can be changed to another, even more useful to machine, usually the chemical energy into mechanical energy. Sometimes it applies to both power generator, can also refer to the power of the whole machine including device. Such as gasoline engine, aviation engine. And if the engine overheat words can try the following methods:
  1. The car off the road safety and stopped at a safe place, the transmission is set in the "P" file and put in the car brake, open the dangerous warning lights, if in the use of air conditioning will its closed.
  2. If the engine cover from the gaps of the water vapor emitted a, should be the engine cover open and maintain engine running state.
  3. Confirm the radiator fan is normal operation.
  4. The temperature of the water table pointer down later, will cut the engine.
  5. The engine cooling down later, will be open water tank cover, confirm the radiator and storage tank of water cooling water, radiator is very dirty part, whether with dirt.
  6. If cooling water shortage, please give the radiator and store tank added cooling water. If no cooling water, as emergency, should complement water.