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Car maintenance small skills

Talk about car maintenance, each a driver can talk for a few words, who expect their car beautiful outstanding, excellent quality. Actually drive like horseback riding, good riders know how to control and know how to feed. TAG:ReZuo pieces auto parts semi-solid metal

  Talk about car maintenance, everyone has their own opinions, who expect their car beautiful outstanding, excellent quality. Actually drive like horseback riding, good riders know how to control and know how to feed. Do not know to feed, blindly horse, race in the end will also be exhausted, fell dead. Also, in the car journey, because the parts wear, natural corrosion and other reasons, technical performance will have fallen, such as long-term lack of necessary maintenance, not only the life of the car itself will shorten, will also be a big influence traffic safety risk, here is simple to introduce:
  1. How to eliminate the wiper piece of vibration and noise: each with pliers joints and clip of rubber in the small gap can.
  2. How to prolong the service life of the bulb: after buying a car or replacement bulbs, bulb with alcohol will wipe again, eliminate fingerprints and grease can. After I buy a car to do so, has a light bulb didn't bad.
  3. How to reduce the tyre noise: will the protective plate front wheel stick on a layer of black felt cloth or flannelette can. (experience carefully under your tire noise becomes after the rain, after washing the car getting bigger, because the inside protection board has mud absorb noise)
  4. How to eliminate the individual tire wear uniform after noise: four-wheel location, balance find a bicycle repairman, lend or buy the wood file, will tread rugged place is smooth.
  5. How to prolong the service life of the muffler: will play a muffler low below small holes. It is simple: drainage corrosion resistant.
  6. How to start fast speed in vehicle no-load or load under the circumstances of less, use direct second start (don't have to worry about on the vehicle damage, because a gear and the clutch is according to the situation of the design heavy, and most of the car for a second gear not smooth) and rushed to the 3000 turn above push the three gears quickly, then go to 3000 turn above, then general car with you behind, easy switching four POTS, five files, also direct change to five files (for highway after fee), and not increase fuel consumption. Might as well try.
  7. Morning launch a car shaking simple processing: for the individual cylinder work is bad valve closed lax, on the run is one way (fee silver), also can be in 3 documents or 4 files on high speed run for a while (province gold), the effect. If hot car no shaking but rather shift (hand files), have the potential to the nozzle is injection quantity not divide evenly, need to detect, cleaning.
  8. How to prevent the antenna stolen: will twist the antenna, silk powerful head tu binder, tighten the can, the effect is very good.
  9. How to check the car brake get up easily: will the control in the pump ABS harness the plug can, yes to plug in, does not affect the normal use, find time to pit eliminate fault code.
  10. How to put the car not commonly used but must carry things: open the trunk look at the spare tire will know, there is the biggest store content case.
  11. How to improve in-car air circulation and defrosting effect: the dust filter filter (engine in the warehouse) with the same size of the sponge, which increased the into the air, and then use unpick and wash, and winter in-car defrost express, run long distance will not have to open the fan, and fuel efficiency.
  12. How to keep the clutch long easy: every time it brake oil please maintenance personnel from the clutch points in oil pump out. Because the clutch and the brake is using the same storage cup, may have difficulty, but it should do.
  13. When you feel the brakes than before to use to do: when in red with great several feet trample brake, can get effective.
  Above is my share with you about car maintenance knowledge, we want to have the problems people help, our main production related components, welcome interested parties to choose.